The Blog

I call it Genography.
Simple because the photography instinct in me name it out and to call me to use my pictures for better use.
I bought my first DSLR July 2009, Nikon D5000 + Kit Lens + Telemacro Sigma 70-300mm + Nissin Di622 Flash head + Wide conversion.

I decided to start a blog solely just for my pictures now, not because of 365 project (if you have heard of it) because Picture is a game. everytime i press the shutter, i smile because i have captured a memory, a memory to be shared.

The few other blogs i update. - Personal - Environmental Interest - Ex Blog

I have been a blogger since 14. Tried so many platforms, 
xanga, blogspot, blogdrive, weebly, friendster, I have really forgotten my past blogs address.
Thanks to the mismanagement or not i could trace back my old, childish memories =)

I have always thanks to the blogsphere, for able to spark me to think more to write.
I remember the old days of mine, staring at the screen for 2/3 hours just for a blog post.
But now i fear not of what i am saying, and i believe that is how blogging has changed me.
"Blogging is not just a platform for me to express, it has done more than a platform, it brought the world to me instead."


10 Reasons why i blog!

1) Social Networking
-Yes of course the main core of reasons what everyone says. It is powerful of course.Getting to know people virtually or in reality does make you a preference to know the person's space more. I would say facebook first but if the person would want to understand me more, then there goes blogging. Facebook doesn't offer space for you to shout of course, but blogging is like the book of yours, you write whatever and then you could even hit the google search engine and people start falling unto your blog. Say like USM architecture, last July if you google it, my blog is the first result of all. and as far as i know, quite a number of people landed on it. Even the 5 coursemates i got to know before i enter this course, they are all the source from my blog! How i got to know the church i am attending and PKA all this, is because Lesley drop a simple message in my blog too!

2) Stop and stare
- Yes of course nostalgic. You truly appreciate to see how you have changed. Blogging is not like any journal you could get missing with, it's stored virtually memory =) You really really learn how to appreciate your thought and trace your personality as you read along your past posts and current ones, say my old blog . I could really notice a huge change in myself, the thoughts and perspective and all.

3) Global Sharing
- My style of blogging isn't a daily journal, or daily news, or whatever you could think of, i tried to fuse them up. I don't treat my blog as a space of sharing feelings, but thoughts. I'm a thinkable person, not feeling type. I share what i feel about this world, education system, politics, general views.. not often i know, but i try. Because you really get opinions from various people all around the world when the google hits fall on you. And also my Matriculations post, I shared about my matric life and tried to help people about getting to know more about it, so many again came and commented, quite encouraging to help them up!

4) Part of My Goal.
- Sounds weird i know.. but one of my core goals in life is to be a motivator to everyone. And it has been quite a pleasant thought to know some people acknowledge my blog as something very energetic filled perhaps? thanks anyways. Perhaps i RAREly have emo post, and more about self motivating, checkpoints, self determinations post i guess?

5) Organize thoughts.
-Writing definitely helps you to build up better memory. Imagine that writing in a blog, is like talking to a person, it's not like.. "dear diary blablabla" It's like a conversation to the world, but with the ability to restructure your sentence properly and to imagine the impression you give to others. That's the power of it, same goes to Facebook but not that many applications of it though.

6) IT savvy?
Blogging simply also means one thing, i spend more time in the internet, and i guess i learn more stuff about sharing information, i learn more about applications when i jump different blogs. No doubt, i would say IT savvy simply means a better networking with a lot of opportunities. Sometimes i really pity people yet to appreciate the power of networking in this virtual world. really.

7) Online Community
Blogger United is the nice example. It's another example of virtual gated community hahaa. Yeap where all bloggers meet and express their thoughts. Of course you will get popular or widely known in the community only when you have a well organized funny blog. The reason why i blog in this context is that it increases the traffic flow of my blog too!

8) Connections
Yes people still will know what am i up to =) especially old friends etc, just a flash at your blog, you could read what is the person up to for the past few weeks. Same goes to my twitter and facebook actually! you noticed i integrate all them up for convenience seek. And especially for my mom who is wondering what am i up to in campus life. I guess she is my number one loyal fan here. hahaa.

9) Free flow extrovert
Yes i notice I have really changed. The style I write. Could really see it when it comes my first assignment in University. Could see how non bloggers and bloggers different when it comes to writing style. It's like we know and tend to analyze what the readers wants i guess? Let's say we are given a page to write about self intro... you wouldn't want to write a baby is born in this day etc... and so goes your family.. I would just write point forms, extrovert, dynamic thinker, dreamer.. Something like that. And seriously, i see myself as more free to express after blogging.

10) Self Branding
Yes, you are more aware of it ever than before. What you say and what you post, truly defines the image of yourself on others. Just as of like right now, i am posting this up, what people might wanna think? I am a thinking type of person etc? so yea it allows you to determine people first impression on you virtually.